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General Public and Workplace Courses

What to bring:
      1. Writing materials
      2. Comfortable and casual clothing that allow you to fully participate in practical sessions.
          you will be kneeling, lifting and lying down
      3. Positive attitude and willingness to learn
      4. Copies of manuals and current certifications (if you are recertifying)

Leadership Courses

For these courses you will need to complete all pre-course assignments
(prepare lesson plans and reading assignments)

What to bring:
      1. Barrier device
      2. Notebook and writing implements
      3. Copies of manuals (will be supplied on the first day of class)
      4. Copies of manuals (if you are recertifying)
      5. Have excellent first aid skills
      6. Copies of current certifications
         (If not, you will not be successful in the courses)
      7. Positive attitude and a sense of humour

Wilderness and Marine Courses

What to bring:
        1. Notebook and writing implements
        2. Personal First Aid Kit
        3. A large garbage bag
        4. Positive attitude
        5. Camera (optional)
        6. Waterproof outer layer (jacket, pants and footwear)
        7. Insulating layers (top and bottom)
        8. Warm outerwear (top and bottom)
        9. Extra socks
      10. Warm hat and gloves (you might want to bring a couple sets)
      11. Hiking footwear
      12. Comfortable footwear for indoor sessions
      13. Enough clothing for the number of days you will be attending
      14. Any medications you may need
      15. Copies of manuals and current certifications (if you are recertifying)

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