Wilderness & Remote First Aid

Price: $195.00
Prerequisites: None
Evaluation: Written/Practical
Duration: 20 hours
Student Max: 12

General Information:

    Our basic level of Wilderness & Remote First Aid & CPR is for individuals who enjoy recreational activities or live in isolated or wilderness settings and need to respond to emergencies when advanced care is not immediately available. The course covers material in Standard First Aid & CPR plus special material on techniques for wilderness and remote areas as well as offers strategies to provide extended care for up to 24 hours.

About this Course:

 1. CPR Guidelines 2015.
 2. AED (Automated External Defibrillation)
 3. Conducted by a certified First Aid
 4. No prerequisite or pre-course assignment is required
 5. 3-year certification. After 3 years, recommend that the course be retaken.
 6. Flexible scheduling options
 7. CPR Level C (for families, parents, general public and child care professionals)

Course content:

 1. Preparation and planning
 2. Your health
 3. Airway Emergencies
 4. Breathing and Circulation Emergencies
 5. First Aid for
         Respiratory and Cardiac Arrest
         Wound Care
         Bone, Muscle, and Joint Injuries
         Head and Spine Injuries
         Environmental situations
         Cold and Heat Related Emergencies
         Medical Emergencies
 6. Evacuation and Transportation
 7. Extended care

Take-home material:

 1. CPR/AED Manual
 2. Certification card

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