Standard Child Care First Aid

Price: $90.00
Prerequisites: None
Evaluation: Written/Practical
Duration: 16-20 hours
Student Max: 18

General Information:

    This course provides comprehensive First Aid & CPR training for those who want more knowledge to respond to babies’ and children’s injuries and emergencies at home. The course covers a variety of topics from basic first aid such as cardiovascular emergencies, CPR Level B, choking, airway emergencies, breathing emergencies, and the prevention of disease transmission to in-depth topics, such as sudden medical conditions and injuries to the head and spine.

About this Course:

 1. CPR Guidelines 2015.
 2. AED (Automated External Defibrillation)
 3. Conducted by a certified First Aid
 4. No prerequisite or pre-course assignment is required
 5. 3-year certification. After 3 years, recommend that the course be retaken.
 6. Flexible scheduling options
 7. Includes Level B CPR (families, parents, general public, and child care professionals)

Who should attend:

 Any family member who cares for a baby or child

Course content:

 1. How to respond to emergencies
 2. The EMS system
 3. Key principles in First Aid
 4. How to deal with:
        Airway Emergencies
        Breathing & Circulation Emergencies
 5. First Aid for:
        Respiratory & Cardiac Arrest
        Head & Spine Injuries
        Bone, Muscle & Joint Injuries
        Wound Care
 6. How to deal with sudden medical conditions and environmental emergencies
 7. First aid for poisons
 8. Dealing with childhood illnesses
 9. How to keep children safe

Take-home material:

 1. CPR/AED Manual
 2. Certification card

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