Ad Astra employs guides that have many years of experience in the outdoor industry and have multi-disciplinary backgrounds. Not only do they have the training but they have lots of real world experience. They are also out-going people who want to get to know you and help you develop your skills

Stefan Popoff, Director

Stefan has over 10 years of professional experience in the outdoor industry, 5 years of teaching in the safety industry, and formal training (diploma in outdoor leadership as well as certifications). He loves passing on his knowledge of the outdoors and safety and risk management. He is also an instructor trainer in the safety, first aid and outdoor industries.

Here is what some clients thought

“Good course, very informative, interesting instructor”
“Best First aid Course I have attended”
“Stefan Was Fantastic!! Great Course, great instructor. We were very happy with it!”
“I learned to use what was on hand, not what was ideally available”
“the instructor just taught. I did not have to follow page by page in the book.”

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