Standard First Aid Instructor

Price: $575.00
Prerequisites: see list in prerequisites description below
Evaluation: Written/Practical
Duration: 32 hours*
Student Max:18

General Information:

    This course provides candidates with the knowledge and skills necessary to teach first aid and CPR courses. The candidates are expected to have finely tuned first aid and CPR technical skills. Therefore, this course focuses on how to teach and facilitate first aid and CPR skills. It is strongly recommended that you have taken a full standard first aid course with HCP CPR within the last 6 months. The candidates will be tested on their skills, and no help will be provided. If a candidate fails the skills testing he or she will be unable to complete the rest of the course.

About this course:

 1. Includes teaching, facilitation, learning and assessment theory, individual and group
    assignments, practice teaching exercises, principles of injury prevention, inclusion, and
    progressive learning
 2. Red Cross Fundamental Principles
 3. Exam min 80% and Practical Exam
 4. First aid and CPR training philosophies are also reinforced throughout the course

Course Length:

 32 hours *


 1. A Standard First Aid & CPR certificate
     with proof of CPR-HCP level
 2. At least 18 years of age
 3. Successful completion of a pre-course knowledge and skills test (100%)


 Successful candidates are certified as First Aid Instructors for 3
     years and receive a wallet card

Training Support Materials:

 1. First Aid & CPR Instructor Manual (NEW)
 2. First Aid & CPR Instructor DVD (NEW)
 3. First Aid & CPR Manual (NEW)
 4. CPR/AED Manual (NEW)
 5. Pocket mask and latex-free gloves (you MUST bring these items to the class)

*not including pre-course testing of knowledge, skills, and co-teaches
** This course will be only for people that have completed their updates

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