Fire Safety

Price: $25.00
Prerequisites: None
Evaluation: Written
Duration: 1-2 hours

General Information:

Fire Safety teaches participants about the legislated fire safety responsibilities of the employer and the worker, describes safe work practices related to fire prevention, and provides practical information about emergency response in situations involving fire.

Who Should Take the Course?

This course is appropriate for all workplace parties, including frontline workers, supervisors, and management. Everyone in the workplace needs to understand the principles of fire safety and how to respond effectively in the event of a fire.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the course, participants should be able to:

   1. Explain how the issue of fire safety is addressed by occupational health and safety (OHS)        legislation in Canada and identify the fire safety responsibilities of employers and those of        workers

   2. Describe safe work practices that can reduce the risk of fire

   3. Know what to do in the event of a fire

   4. Recognize fire-related situations in which the use of a fire extinguisher is appropriate and        situations in which it is best to evacuate rather than try to put out the fire

   5. Identify the types of extinguishers, and the classes of fire that can be put out using each        type of extinguisher

   6. Know how to use a fire extinguisher

   7. Understand the maintenance and servicing requirements related to fire extinguishers

Evaluation Process:

Fire Safety is a 4-module course. At the end of each module, there is a test. Participants must successfully complete the test in order to continue to the next module. Participants that do not achieve 100% can review the module content and re-test. There is no limit on the number of times a participant can attempt testing. Test questions are randomly selected from a test bank, making each testing experience unique.
Upon successful completion of all modules, participants can download/print a Certificate of Completion

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